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VWM-xI (Incandescent), VWM-xL (LED)
Dwarf Signal, 2 or 3 Position Indicator

These signal heads were originally designed for confined operational space and for installation in transit tunnel locations. The units have proven to be extremely versatile in that the front and back of the enclosures open for ease of access by maintenance personnel. They can be configured with incandescent lamps or LEDs GS-A41 or GS-A51. They can also be configured with lenses on both front and back sides so aspects can be viewed in both directions, as in a yard application. Lenses installed are 3 1/2 inch but the aspect presentation appears much larger, comparable to a 5 inch presentation. The signal can be mounted on a pole or configured for wall mount.

2 or 3 Position Dwarf Signal
Metals: Aluminum, Stainless, or Steel
Lighting: Incandescent or LED
Accesories: Hoods, Snow Shields, and Backgrounds
Mount: Top of Pole or Wall
(Adjustible Top or Pole mounts available)
This enclosure can also be ordered with lenses on both the back and front sides.



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