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We have moved to to a newly built facility in Green Cove Springs, Florida, effective 30 January 2014. 

1293 Energy Cove Ct
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

Tel 904-230-2840
FAX 904-230-2938

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The Virginia Electronic & Lighting LLC d.b.a. (VELCORP GEMSŪ) was established in Ohio in 1983. VELCORP is the parent company of General Electronics Mechanical Services (GEMSŪ). The company is currently located in Jacksonville, Florida. We serve customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Asia.

For over quarter of a century, VELCORP GEMSŪ has focused on developing and producing the highest quality, durable and long life lamp products for the world’s rail and general transportation industry. With customers demands of reduced maintenance, lower operating costs and changing needs, VELCORP’s innovation and our company’s ability to address new design needs quickly has made VELCORP a mainstay in this business.

VELCORP GEMSŪ understands that life safety and reliability are the most important issues when designing and manufacturing products for the transportation industry. We are constantly striving to take advantage of the latest technologies and productions methods to insure our customers that they are buying the best product for each of their application needs.

We are delighted that VELCORP GEMSŪ lighting products continue to help our customers reduce costs and enhance safety. VELCORP also takes satisfaction in knowing that many of the products we produce are recognized as the best worldwide.

Gregory Stepp 


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