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VPM-3I, VPM-3L  Vertical 3 Aspect Enclosure
VPM-4I, VPM-4L  Vertical 4 Aspect Enclosure
VPM-5I, VPM-5L  Vertical 5 Aspect Enclosure

VPM may be configured with incandescent lamp VPM-xI or LED lamp VPM-xL

The VPM-xL (or VMP-xI, for the incandescent version) is a vertical 3 to 5 aspect 4 inch diameter signal lamp with hoods and snowshield.  The LED version is fitted with 4 inch GEMSTAR ARRAY, one each of Red, Yellow, and Green.  The Incandescent version is fitted with colored dual lens assemblies which are one piece for easy maintenance.  This product can be ordered in your choice of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.  This unit opens in the rear for ease of maintenance and is configured with AAR terminal connectors.

VPM-3( )
VPM-4( )
VPM-5( )

Vertical 3 Aspect Signal Fixture

LED Option

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Steel
Hoods and Snowshield available

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