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VPM-1I-( ) Incandescent,  VPM-1L-( ) LED
8 inch (200 mm) diameter Stackable Customizable Enclosure Box with hood, available with red, yellow, green, blue, or white single color LED (Gemstar Array) or Incandescent Lamp, or multicolor (2, 3 or 4 color) LED (Gemstar Array) Lamp.


Stackable 8" enclosures. Adaptable to incandescent lamps or LED fixtures. Can be configured or reconfigured in any vertical stack or vertical/horizontal configuration. Hoods, backgrounds, snow shields are available. Units can be suited for Top of Pole or Wall mounting. Adjustable Top Of Pole mounts available. One piece lens assembly is easily removable, which includes inner and outer doublet, socket assembly and terminal block. Enclosure can be manufactured to order from Aluminum, Stainless, or Steel construction.  Opens in the back for ease of maintenance, and termination in either an AAR fitting or with WAGO connectors.   All enclosures can be configured as 1,2,3, or 4 aspect fixtures.  All units can be fitted with hoods and backgrounds and are adaptable to various pole mounts, masts or tilt masts.

Stackable Enclosure Boxes
Aluminum, Stainless, or Steel
LED or Incandescent.
Top of Pole or Wall Mount

Hoods, Snow Shields, and Backgrounds Available

VPM-1L  rear view

VPM-1L  AAR connectors

VPM-1L-( )-( )

Incandescent Version with Incandescent bayonet bulb
VPM-1I-( )

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