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LC2-005WD Power Indicator, 2 Eye, 4 Wire  (Operation Mode:  Off/Flash)

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LC2-005WD-( )
Pigtail wire leads
LC2-WB-wago.    IL-LC2-PO-FOI.      lens_2eye-1.
LC2-005WD-WG4-( )                   IL-LC2-PO-FOI-( )                           LC-2EY
with Wago connector                       (W,R,G,Y,B) 

This power indicator monitors either 120 or 240 VAC and operates off nominal 12 VDC. With AC power present no light is present. With the loss of AC power the LED light is flashing. This unit has been adapted for many applications requiring power monitoring. The unit normally is manufactured with white LEDs but can be modified to other colors (W,R,G,Y,B). The unit comes in a water tight lens enclosure with optical enhanced "fish eye" lenses. The lens assembly and the the programmable LED board can be ordered seperately. This unit comes with and without the 4 position WAGO connector.

Weight .39 lb
Operation:  12VDC, nominal
Available with ot without Wago Connector


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