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LC-1EY-HGS-( )

CALL FOR PRICING  904-230-2840

Power Indicator operating off of AC/DC power system.  Monitors power on.
8.5 to 40V
The light is off with power off.
This unit comes with a facetted optically enhanced water tight single fisheye lens assembly.
Bayonet Horizontal Gemstar LED: PN  HGS-( ).  LED available in red, yellow, green, blue and white.
All the assembly parts can be ordered seperately.

Weight .33 lb
Operation:  12V  AC or DC, nominal
2 wire (18AWG, 600V, 105C), pigtails
Lens   LC-1EY
LED  Horizontal Gemstar    HGS-( )


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Jacksonville, Florida 32259
Office:  904-230-2840
FAX:  904-230-2938
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